Who we are.

Communicators. Relators. Achievers.

We Are team of entrepreneurs, creatives and communications experts whose passions are fueled by travel AND music.

  • We have honed our skills within the most respected public relations entities and corporations in the world. Whether coordinating publicity for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, or taking to market winning publications, we recognize the importance of strong communication skills and media relations.
  • We recognize that relationships make the world go around. Being able to relate well with others and having the passion to deliberately encourage a deepening of relationships – whether with journalists, our clients, or partners – is at the core of our personality.
  • We love what we do, and have built a career of success, been mentored by the best in our industry, and therefore generated national publicity, authority, value and credibility for clients within the most recognizable and respected of publications and media brands.
  • We artfully leverage the right people and work with several partner agencies in the U.S. to compliment our services. We are able to make qualified recommendations out of our scope, and also co-operate with sub-agencies on a project or established basis.
  • Whether it’s publicity, social media, or general media relations, each tenet often looks and feel like a soft art. At Guest Public we observe every decision through a prism of objectivism and focus upon measurable results. Our recommendations are data-driven and always with your ROI in mind.
  • Businesses can make or break their client relationship based upon the overall customer experience. Listening well, understanding goals and needs, setting proper expectations, communicating proactively and delivering results are all key facets to delivering exceptional client care.